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Chiropractic Services

We employ a wide range of established chiropractic techniques to remove a subluxation and restore joint function. Such techniques include Cox Flexion distraction technique, Diversified, Extremity adjustments, Thompson drop technique, and ArthroStim to treat back and joint pain. These manipulative techniques utilized by Dr. Woods allow him to treat each patient differently based on his or her specific needs.

Pain relief is the first step for every patient in our care but our services go beyond immediate relief. We also specialize in corrective care, which is performed after your initial symptoms subside. Corrective care allows your muscles and tissues to heal slowly and properly and normalizes your postural and spinal alignment.

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Functional Health
(also known as Functional Medicine nationally)

Woods Chiropractic and Functional Health Center’s integrated approach to health and wellness includes functional health. Functional health is a patient-centered, complementary branch of medicine that goes beyond a single treatment for a single diagnosis. Instead, it focuses on a balance of factors (e.g. body composition, medical history, genetics, lifestyle and physical environment) to promote healing and well being. Dr. Woods utilizes several noninvasive and minimally invasive tests to help assess patient health. This combination of tests is called a functional health assessment (FHA).

Woods Chiropractic and Functional Health Center is one of only a few Kentucky healthcare providers offering this emerging field of medicine. Our personalized functional health treatment plans focus on nutrition, tailored exercise regimens, the removal of allergens and toxins, and supplementation of pharmaceutical grade vitamins, minerals and herbs in the body. Chiropractic patients that seek functional health also see faster recovery times and improved overall health and wellness.
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Gluten Free

Over the last few years, we have seen the correlation of Gluten Sensitivity as a common initiator of multiple pathologies. From Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to Hepatocellular Carcinoma, from Migraines to Recurrent Pancreatitis, from Cardiomyopathy to numerous autoimmune diseases, we have seen the association of sensitivity to this protein of wheat, rye and barley with the initial manifestation of multiple pathophysiologies.

The only blood tests (until now) for Celiac Disease have been extremely accurate and dependable if a person has Total Villous Atrophy (TVA). However, when biopsy test results with anything less than TVA, the accuracy of the test drops tremendously (to as low as being wrong 7 out of 10 times). Would you tolerate that accuracy rate for a cancer, heart disease, or even pregnancy test? Gluten has to have significantly destroyed the gut wall for current blood testing to be effective. For the majority of people that isn't the case...especially if the brain, heart, liver, or some other part of the body is the main target of attack.
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About Gluten
It is wise to consider gluten sensitivity testing. It can be life changing. Click on the following link to read a document that explains each of the 5 Test Arrays available from Cyrex Labs.
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Gluten Sensitivity
The highly anticipated gluten sensitivity and related tests are now AVAILABLE.*New Gluten Sensitivity and Related Testing from Cyrex Labs is now available
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Massage Therapy

Combined with chiropractic care, massage therapy provides a more complete and effective road to recovery and overall health maintenance. Therapeutic massage uses various hand techniques such as kneading, tapping, compression, rocking and controlled pressure. It can help relieve chronic stress and muscle tension, maintain proper alignment, and improve circulation and digestion. Woods Chiropractic and Functional Health Center is pleased to offer licensed massage therapists.
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