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"Dr. Woods relieved the severe pain in my lower back and enabled me to avoid having spinal surgery. Through my treatments, I have be able to continue playing ice hockey for over 20 years now and keep up with my five year old son."
- James Montgomery




"I have been a machinist for 35 years, and I started having back pain in 2009.  I went to an urgent care center and to my doctor; all they did was give me pain pills and muscle relaxers. They never x-rayed me to tell me what was wrong, and the medication only helped for awhile. When my back would hurt it was so bad that I could hardly walk. Finally my doctor said that I probably should see a chiropractor. The company that I work for recommended Dr. Thomas Woods. 
My first time seeing Dr. Woods he x-rayed my back, told me what was wrong, and recommended treatment.  When I went to see Dr. Woods, I was overweight and he recommended exercise and dieting. With his back treatments and following his health advice, I started to lose weight and so far have lost a total of 60 pounds. I feel better, sleep better, have more energy, and have a lot less back pain."
- Dennis Flechler


"I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at the age of 23.  I had constant pain, fatigue, muscle pain, and headaches daily.  My choices were to be on muscle relaxants and pain medication for the rest of my life, still not having any answers of why I was feeling this way, or to seek alternative treatment. 

Dr. Woods did a Functional Nutritional Assessment on me which suggested I needed supplements and a detox.  After doing the program for two weeks I started to notice improvement - my pain was going away, my headaches were gone, and I had so much more energy.  Now I know that how I feel is directly related to what I eat - I had some sensitivities to food I was eating regularly. 

I have been on the program for five months and I am constantly gaining knowledge about food and how my body processes it. I feel so much better!  Now I have hope to live a regular life, without having to be on pain medication and muscle relaxants for the rest of it."
- Susan Thimons


"I have been a patient of Woods Chiropractic for 18 years. Dr. Woods has the experience in chiropractic care and functional health to help you keep your health in optimum shape.


Functional health has taught me about my health and why I was feeling so stressed and fatigued.  After the first month of following the outline that Dr. Woods prescribed, I felt like a different person.

My electrolytes were extremely low and my body’s PH was. By changing my diet and using the Metagenics products, I have now reached the optimum electrolyte level and my body’s PH level is alkaline.


I have recommended Dr Woods for many years for Chiropractic care and with functional health he now has another tool to improve your health.  I recommend this for everyone. Thanks Dr. Woods for all you do."

- Richard Manias




"I have been a patient of Dr. Woods since 1988. When I first arrived I was in quite a bit of pain, and wearing a back brace. Also, I couldn’t go a Spring or Fall season without a sinus infection that usually progressed into bronchitis.  After treatment, I have been pain free for years. And, in this hot and humid Ohio Valley, I have not had a sinus infection since 1988!


Along with great lifestyle and nutritional advice, he has dramatically increased my quality of life. I am currently attending boot camp three days a week, and am in the best shape of my life. I owe all of this to the excellent care I received from Dr. Woods."

- Steve Drake




"I heard about Dr. Woods Wellness from a friend and began the program just a couple of months ago.  Wow, I am already feeling fabulous results.  I have to admit though, around six weeks into my health journey, a lot of events came about and I felt the urge for a “chocolate experience,” which means for me, going off healthy and crossing over to the dark side again.....chocolate, eating out, and a few glasses of wine.  Unbelievable, I started feeling the effects of my demise shortly after... feeling sluggish which brought on moodiness.  I felt I had been given drugs and was very tired after a meal.  That was it! No more!  I am back on track, moving onto the next step.  Dr. Woods made a personal format according to my test results, and I’m now on my way to being Healthier and Happier!  Thank You, Dr. Woods and your wonderful staff."

- Anne Ramsey